Contractor Guide

Creating Your Profile ?

To sign up on and create your profile:
1. Click on theSign up and Continue at the top of the website.
2. In sign up to create your Contractor account is to select the membership level.

Congratulations, you have now joined the?odesk-clonein online work! Next you will want to setup and customize your online profile. To finish customizing your profile please follow these steps:
1. Go to the left navigation bar of?odesk-clone?and click on My Profile.
2. Complete your basic information.
3. Then its time to get the profile started. On the next page you will upload your thumbnail photo, create a tagline, enter in a minimum hourly rate, create a contractor overview and enter in your skills.
Here is what your completed profile will look like.

Look of Your Profile to Friends and Potential Clients

Now after Completing the profile The look of the profile that Your Friends and Potential Clients can see is :


Knowledge Base Type

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