Cygna Is Dedicated To Helping All Our Users Behave In An Appropriate Manner So Integrity, Professionalism And Trust Are Maintained. In This Code Of Conduct, You Will Find Details For Using Our Website Properly -- We Expect All Users To Comply With These Guidelines. Breaching Our Code Of Conduct Or Any Other Cygna Policy Will Result In Disciplinary Action, Which May Include Termination Of The Respective User’s Account. If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About Our Code Of Conduct, Please Contact Us At

Personal Behavior


Users Must Behave Ethically And Apply Integrity In All Situations, Adhere To Cygna Policies And Procedures, And Treat Other Users (and Their Rights) With Respect. Users Will Not Partake In Illegal Actions, Abuse Of Confidential Data, Bullying, Discrimination And Harassment. You (the User) Must Provide Correct Information And Avoid Misrepresentation; Not Use Offensive Language, Unsuitable References, And Exaggeration; And Refrain From Personal Attacks, Unfair Criticism, And Unprofessional Behavior.

Privacy And Confidentiality Users Must Comply With All Privacy And Confidentiality Agreements. You (the User) Are Not Allowed To Share Confidential Documents Or Data, Unless Authorized By Law.


Bidding Policies

Users Are Not Allowed To Partake In Any Illegal Activities Or Projects. Offering Or Submitting Free Work, Providing Work Samples That Do Not Belong To You (the Freelancer), And Offering Services Strictly To Obtain Positive Feedback Are Forbidden.  


Job Posting Policies


The Following Jobs Are Prohibited From Cygna:

  • Jobs That Breach The Integrity Of Academic Organizations, Such As Writing College Essays

  • Jobs That Act As Advertisements For Services Or A Business

  • Jobs That Are Posted With No Intention Of Hiring Anyone To Complete Them

  • Jobs That Breach The Policies Of Another Business

  • Jobs That Violate Any Law In The US Or Another Country


Advertising, Spam And Affiliates

It Is A Violation Of Cygna Policy To Post Spam Or Advertisements On Our Website, Unless Permitted Otherwise. Users Cannot Refer Their Candidature For Affiliate Programs Or Collect Mailing Lists Or Names From Group Emails For The Purpose Of Sending Unsolicited Emails Or Spam.

Illegal Activities And Fraud

We Require That Users Report All Breaches To Us Immediately Upon Becoming Aware Of Them. You (the User) Agree To Not Partake In Any Fraudulent Activities. You Will Refrain From Opening Multiple Accounts And From Using The Site To Obtain False Feedback And To Illegally Transfer Funds.

Account And Profile Identity

When Setting Up Their Accounts, Both The Client And The Freelancer Agree To Provide Accurate Information. This Includes Using Your Own Legal Name And Contact Information. A Client Can Operate As A Buyer And A Freelancer, And A Freelancer Can Function As A Buyer And A Freelancer. However, Opening Multiple Freelancer And Client Accounts Is Forbidden. You (the User) May Upload An Image To Your Profile; However, The Image Must Be Professional And You Must Own The Image Or Have A License To Use It. We Encourage Freelancers To Upload An Actual Photograph Of Themselves Or Their Company Logo; However, Images Are Not Required.

User Content

Users Are Fully Responsible For The Content They Post On We Forbid Posting Content That Infringes On Any Copyright Or Imitates The Intellectual Property Rights Of Others. We Prohibit Using Slanderous Or Obscene Content Or Uploading Data Containing Viruses Or Programming Routines To Intentionally Damage Any System. Users Are Also Not Allowed To Post Content That Creates Any Liability For Or Affects The Site's Business Or Reputation.



Clients And Freelancers Are Allowed To Contact Each Other Outside Of After The Project Has Been Awarded Through Clients And Freelancers Are Not Allowed To Post Contact Information In A Job Description Or Bid.